Thursday, 2 October 2008

Nicotine addiction

Isn’t it crazy knowing all the health risks involved with smoking (like lung cancer and emphysema), knowing that there are over 4,000 chemical compounds present in inhaled smoke (many of which are known carcinogens), and yet you tell yourself, like so many others keep telling themselves, that you like smoking and that you don’t want to quit?

Don’t worry; it’s not your fault.

They call smoking an addiction for a reason, because it is one.

Some people can quit smoking cold turkey, but they are in the minority.

Smoking appeals not only on a physical level, but on a strong emotional one too. This is why it is so difficult to quit, but you can do it!

You need a program that doesn’t just help you deal with one side of the addition, but both. Studies show that programs that address both sides of the issue have a higher success rate. You need the all natural CigArrest system.

There may be many reasons why one would consider quitting smoking: for family, for health reasons, because the cost is just too high, or maybe all of the above.

Why the addiction?

The physical side of addiction

Your brain produces chemicals that help regulate your moods and if your brain doesn’t produce enough of these chemicals then you can end up with irritability and bad moods. Nicotine helps to stimulate the production of these chemicals. These chemicals include nor epinephrine, which regulates alertness and arousal, dopamine, which is part of your brains pleasure mechanism, and beta endorphin, which helps to lessen anxiety and pain.

Unfortunately these reactions to smoking are short lived and eventually you crave those feeling again. And sooner or later you trick your mind and body into thinking that smoking is the only way to induce these feelings.

The emotional side of addiction

Thinking back, you find that cigarettes have helped you in many situations: cigarettes have helped you relax in periods of time when you felt stressed or helped keep you more alert in periods of time when you needed to stay awake (like driving home late at night or when you needed to complete a project). Cigarettes might have helped you socially at a party, coffee house, or at work because you automatically have that link to other smokers. When you needed it, it was there for you.

The truth of the matter is you don’t need it as much as you think. You have the ability to be a confident, happy person, without the mood effects of cigarettes. But first you need to quit smoking. This is where the CigArrest program can help you. Nicotine can stay in your body between 2-4 days once you’ve given up cigarettes. This is why nicotine programs that offer to help you quit smoking can prolong your need for nicotine because your body will continue craving it.

Since CigArrest has no nicotine, you won’t have that problem. CigArrest equips you with everything you need to quit the nicotine addiction. CigArrest can help you fight the urge to light up with CigArrest Tablets, and with CigArrest Gum you can fight the oral fixation of smoking. CigArrest also provides you with VitaGuard Smoker’s Vitamins which helps fight cell damage that has been caused by smoking and helps strengthen your immune system. The welcome kit also includes an audio CD that helps you learn how to avoid smoking in any situation, and a program guide and exercise handbook to help you understand the program and to stay smoke free for life.

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